The DocPro Life: How a Document Expiration Software Boosts your Efficiency

September 6, 2016 6:34 am Published by

I have been an HR manager for five years. The company I currently work with has document expiration reminder softwarearound 150 employees. The job wasn’t bad, but it was a bit tedious. I mean, managing the people part of it was great, but handling their documents? Reviewing their visas and licenses? That was not good. It was the most uninteresting and monotonous part of the job. And that was before the company tasked me with handling their work permits and trade licenses. After that, I was a part-time HR manager, and a full-time document-sorter and excel sheet maker. I hadn’t even heard about document expiration reminder services back then, so I did everything manually. And if that wasn’t enough, I had to sit and make weekly summaries of all the renewals and updates for my superiors. It was a dreary task that took time away from my actual job.

I didn’t realize exactly how much time I was spending on this extra work until I decided to get DocPro, a document expiry reminder software I found online. It was on an experimental basis, just for a week or so. But in that week, I realized what a great investment it was. Without the pile of excel sheets in my life, I suddenly had so much time on my hands! The hours that I used to spend earlier on checking if the documents were valid, I now spent it on getting business to my firm. I got new clients and even went to fairs and met with potential interns. Hours of my daily job were syphoned off, just like that. With DocPro, all I had to do was enter the employee’s information once, and I was done. DocPro sent me alerts whenever a deadline was approaching—expiration reminder indeed! No unnecessary pings or emails, just a collected report listing all the documents that needed attention in that week. I had enough free time to get on track with the foreign language I was learning, and I was able to look in on my trainees and mentor them more effectively. I finished an incredible amount of work with no stress. All because of DocPro!

The software has definitely changed my life for the better. I would say it’s crucial—no, it’s lifesaving—for every HR manager out there to have a document expiration reminder service that not only saves you time but secures your documents better than anything else out there. All time-consuming jobs are taken care of, be it notifying the needed authority about a document renewal deadline or sending summarized weekly reports to superiors.

I don’t even need to tell my PRO anything. He’s got his mobile app and his own user login. When a document is headed for expiry, he gets a notification and gets to
work on it without me badgering him about it. Once he has taken care of it, he updates the app and I get an alert—as simple as that! My boss doesn’t need to ask me regularly on whether or not the job is done. She can view it herself anytime she wishes using her own login.

Even my IT department raves about DocPro—how they get to house all the data on our local servers and completely  on one a public cloud server. DocPro has made it possible for me to do my real job!

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