Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Import The Company Data From An Existing Database?

DocPro has an import option on the taskbar that lets you upload CSV files from your existing database.

Can There Be Multiple Users For The Same Account?

Yes, DocPro has a provision for multiple users. Each user will have different viewing privileges based on their designation.

For example, if you are the manager, you’ll be able to access all the documents that are your responsibility. But the employees will not be able to view anything other than their own personal documents.

How Are The Different Groups Notified On The Documents?

The groups can be notified individually through the notification settings. Or, there can be an in-charge assigned for specific documents, and they will get notifications accordingly.

Where is The Data Stored?

We provide a secure isolated cloud server for your company data, where the documents are stored safely, with no sharing or backend access.

Who all Can See The Stored Data?

As it is stored in an isolated cloud server, specific data can be viewed by different users. Anyone outside the company will not have access to those documents.

Are All The Users Allowed To Make New Records & Edit Existing Documents?

Only the manager has viewing and editing privileges for all records. Everyone in a higher position than the manager can have global viewing privilege, but the creating and editing privilege is solely given to HR and their respective user logins.

What Aspects Is The Pricing Based On?

As promised, DocPro provides a personal cloud server, and not a shared spaced on a public cloud. DocPro also provides a steady customer care for updates and value added services, which makes our pricing competitive, but worth every penny.

Will It Cost More To Install DocPro On An Existing Company Server?

DocPro provides the option to house the data on the company’s local server without any added fees.

Is It Possible To Make A One-Time Purchase Instead Of Paying Recursively?

Yes. DocPro is available with a one-time purchase option. The pricing is negotiable based on regular updates and customer care services.