DocPro is a document expiry reminder software created to file, secure, and track the validity of a company’s documents and alert the concerned officials prior to expiry.

One application for all your document validity and secure storage needs. Never pay a fine for a late renewal again. With DocPro, every employee’s passports, visas, driver’s licenses, even tenancy contracts will be tracked without having to maintain excel sheets or folders within folders. All in the local company server, or a secure, isolated cloud server provided by us.


Intelligent Notifications

If there are several documents that need attention at the same time, the alert email will automatically collate the information and send one email with the details grouped together.

Secure Cloud Storage

If a local server is not an option, DocPro can be installed in your very own, isolated cloud server. No one will share your server, and no one else will have access to it.

Upload or Import

With DocPro, you can import your existing database straight to the software. DocPro supports multiple image formats, which will be available for viewing along with the employee’s details at all times.

Massive Storage

In a standard package, up to 25,000 image files can be uploaded to DocPro, each file being 500KB or less. This can accomodate a company with several thousand employees.

Multiple Companies

DocPro allows you to create databases for every company that you might be handling within the same account, and categorize them all together by due date or person in-charge.

Multiple Users

Personal accounts are available for managers for uploading and editing. A different user login is provided for PRO to view the expiring documents, without uploading/editing privilege.

Data Isolation

Employees cannot access others’ information through their user logins. Even your PRO cannot view all the details. Only the manager and the chief officers will have access to the files of other employees.

Mobile App

Now your PRO can update the status of a document on the go. DocPro provides a mobile app for smartphones with push notifications for your document in-charges.

Additional Services

You want it, we got it. On your request, DocPro can accommodate any more document or reporting needs tailor-made for your organization.



easy and fast to use

Diminish the possibility of leaks or hacks. DocPro can be installed in an existing company server—so the documents don’t leave the organization, just relocate to DocPro.

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Once handed over, a DocPro account has no way of being accessed by our tech team, leaving no room intrusion using alternate entries.

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no supervision needed

DocPro has a system of viewing privileges within its multiple user functionality. Only managers and higher officials will be able to access documents of the employees. A lower ranking employee cannot use their login to access another employee’s details.

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